You know how there are some things that you can’t describe in words, some feelings that only need an expression like the feeling when you close your eyes and everything seems beautiful? Mumbai is that feeling.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

I’ve been to Mumbai before but this time the purpose was to explore it on my own and feel it. And now it is a little difficult to express.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Let me start by telling you about the people. I like to connect with people, for me they are the ones who define a place. Well, most of the times. I had gone with a mindset that while exploring the city, I would meet the people I already knew either through social media or my friends. A lot of people ditched me. Sort of.

But in the end, I ended up meeting and making new friends which I will cherish for life. People who were warm enough to welcome me, who didn’t judge where I came from or who I was, people who made their time for me. Who had stories so beautiful that your heart would melt. Who were themselves so beautiful that you would want to stay.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Meeting them was like the feeling you get when you listen to a song and you connect to it or when you read a book and want to become that character or a line of a poem that stays with you.

Now you would say how can I judge people of Mumbai by just 5 people I happened to meet. Even the ones I encountered briefly were warm like the color yellow.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Now, think about the time when you had an adrenaline rush or the time when you had loads of black coffee and you couldn’t control yourself or maybe just the time when your heart was pounding like the sticks beat the drum. Mumbai is that feeling.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

For the first two days, I didn’t really have good food to eat. You have to be careful about the choices you make sometimes and that’s where I went wrong. But eventually I bumped into good food. The street food. Also some cafés and small eating joints on the road saved me from the horror I was having in terms of food.

If you’re not a Mumbaikar and you want to have good food, Prithvi Café, Tea Villa Café, Juhu’s Pao Bhaji and Carter’s in Bandra are some places I can vouch for.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Mumbai is also vibrant. Literally. It’s not just a concrete jungle but has a portugese vibe hidden in between those tall buildings. Even the vehicles are so bright and beautiful.

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

If ever, someone ever tells you that Mumbai is a place where you can’t find peace and calm, please do not believe them. It is definitely a city with loads of dreams, rush, people and noise but it’s also a city where you can just be. Where you can also be at peace after a tiring day.

Mumbai is beautiful. It’s not just a city, it’s a feeling.

Below are some more of the 100 photographs that I took there:

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor

Photo by: Akshay Kapoor


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